Multiple Form Guide

1. Create your custom form by using Gravity Forms.

Refer to the documentation here.


2. Integrate CRMHelpDesk with Gravity Forms. Select the CRMHelpDesk form that matches the form you want to integrate and then select the Gravity Form fields that match the CRMHelpDesk default task form in Gravity Forms. If the CRMHelpDesk field isn't listed, add it in Custom Fields and create the default value.

Important notes

Task fields with options, e.g., Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button, etc., must match the mapped CRMHelpDesk field options values. It would be best to consider this while creating a form in Gravity Forms to edit each option and insert appropriate value for it. If the value didn't match, default value for custom field gets selected (if available). You can get a list of all options and their values on the Custom Field settings page. Click 'g' on a custom field to open the below info popup.